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The Most Vulnerable Area of Your Home

Vacation time is over and soon millions of American school children will be returning to classes.  That also means that many parents will be going back to work for longer days while the kids are in school.  Unfortunately, this also means with less people at home that burglaries are likely to increase.  According to statistics, Houston ranks in the nations’ top five for property crimes, including home burglaries.  One way that you can ensure that your home stays secure is to take care of the most vulnerable area of your home—the garage.

  • Secure your home’s interior doors.  Many people leave their home’s interior doors unsecured because they think that the garage door will keep it safe.  They prefer the convenience of being able to walk from the garage to the house through the connecting door without having to unlock the door.  But, if a criminal makes it into your garage, which is relatively easy, then your home is left wide open to crooks.
  • Close off the garage.  Another issue for many people is that they leave their garage door open while they are home or working in the back yard because they think that a burglary can’t happen to them.  It can!  Keep your door closed unless you are in the garage itself working.  Also, tint or cover your garage’s windows so that a would-be criminal cannot see if you are inside or at home.
  • Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car.  Many people leave their garage door openers in their car for another convenience factor.  This is another major mistake.  If your car is stolen or broken into while you are at work or shopping, the thieves will have access to your garage door opener and home address on your car registration.  This means they can simply drive to your home and have unlimited access to your house.  A garage door opener should be kept with your car keys so that it is secured.
  • Get extra safety features.  One safety feature that is becoming common on garage doors is an option that allows you to disable the garage door if you are going away for vacation.  If you plan to be gone for an extended period or even just a weekend getaway, activate this feature.  It will prevent a burglar from opening the garage door unless you deactivate the vacation lock.
  • Install a safer door.  Many garages have a safety release just inside the door that can be hit in the case of emergencies.  However, if it is just inside, some thieves will jimmy the garage door just enough that they can reach a piece of wire inside to hit the safety release.  This “fishing” expedition can then leave your garage and home unsecured.  If this is the case, install a new door or have your current door modified so that the safety release is not accessible.

Houston is known for leading the country in many areas.  Unfortunately, they are also leading the country when it comes to burglaries and thefts.  That is why it is so important to secure your home and garage to ensure that you are not the victim of a property crime.

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