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Garages in Your City: Houston Edition

One of the forgotten components of home décor can be the garage.  Often seen as a separate entity from the home, the garage can be given short shrift on upkeep.  But this should not be the case since the garage, particularly the garage door, is visible from the road and can make a bold statement about your house.  If you find yourself in need of a garage repair service, it is incumbent on you to find a reputable business that can handle the specific problems of your home.  Here are some of the most common types of problems that are found in the Houston area that can require some professional attention.

  • Storm Damage.  This past year has seen a series of severe storms all across the country including deadly ice storms in the North and South and tornadoes in the Mid-West.  These storms have taken a huge toll not only on human lives, but also on home and property damage.  In Houston, severe storms this past spring have left homes and garages in serious disarray.   The most common problems that you will have with storm damage are dents and damage to the physical door itself.  If that is the case, a reputable garage door repair company can replace the door itself to ensure that it opens smoothly.  Sometimes, the damage is not as severe and only requires some minor repairs such as getting the door back on track with the rollers.   Regardless, if you have damage from storms it is important that you call for an estimate and walkthrough to see what your individual home needs.
  • Broken Springs.  Perhaps one of the most common types of repairs needed for garages in the Houston area is also one of the most common needed repairs nationwide:  broken springs.  Garage springs are known to break, and just one broken spring can lead to others if not taken care of soon.  The two types of springs on garage doors are torsion springs and extension springs.  Torsion springs can be found above the garage door when it is closed.  Extension springs are above the upper tracks of the door.  It is possible to get replacement springs so that you can fix it yourself, but this can be highly dangerous.  Springs are under a great deal of tension that can wind up seriously injuring you if you don’t know what you are doing.  A professional company is a safer bet as they can carefully and securely fix these problems without endangering you.

These are just two of the most common problems with garage doors in the Houston area.  Regardless of what your problem is, it is imperative that you hire a professional garage door company to fix the situation.  Doing so is not just a matter of saving money and doing the job right; it can also be a matter of being safer in the repair itself.

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