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What’s Your Style? Traditional Doors

Many people are looking to have their house stand out from the crowd, enjoying the sensation of having the hip, new style.  However, others prefer a more traditional approach to their look.  This does not equate to old and stuffy.  Traditional style, such as those found with traditional garage doors, give your home a classic look that will not go out of fashion or need to be replaced years from now because they are dated.

Unfortunately, traditional is sometimes hard to define.  Some would consider the carriage door style to be traditional while others feel that it deserves its own category.  Others might think that a plain door with no ornamentation or windows was considered traditional while others would view the basic nature of the design as contemporary.  This is all a matter of aesthetics.

As a rule, traditional style garage doors are usually made of plastic, steel, or wood.  They have rectangular boxes on the panels of the door and usually have no other ornamentation.  Some styles contain windows, and if they do they are in lieu of some of the boxes on the top of the panels.  Plastic and steel are chosen as materials because they are durable and require little maintenance other than an occasional cleaning.  Wood doors, however, have to be either varnished or repainted, usually annually.

Another of the great benefits of traditional garage doors is that they are classic.  If you have one installed, the chances are you will not need to replace it unless it is damaged somehow.  The look will always be popular.  That is why this is the go-to style of garage door for home builders.  If you drive through any major neighborhood or subdivision, you will probably notice that most, if not all, of the garage doors are traditional.

The irony is that its benefit can also be its greatest detriment.  Many people don’t want their house to look just like everyone else.  They like standing out from the crowd.  And if that is the case in your situation, a contemporary or carriage house style door may be more to your taste.  If your home contractor put in a traditional door and you are not happy with it, you can always consider buying a new garage door.

The traditional style door can fit almost any type of architectural style.  No matter what your home’s appearance, it will probably fit right in.  So if you are looking for a classic, stylish design for your door, the traditional is the one to go with.


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