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What’s Your Style? Contemporary Doors

The term “curb appeal” has long been used to describe the overall look of the outside of a home and how it attracts those who see it from the street and might show an interest in the property.  One of the easiest ways to make a striking and bold statement with your house in terms of curb appeal is with your garage door, since it is such a large part of the front of a home.  If you are looking for something old-fashioned and traditional, a carriage house garage door may be to your liking.  But if you are looking for something that is more modern and bold, contemporary garage doors may be more to your liking.

One of the reasons why many people tend to like the contemporary style of garage door is because it can call forth such a range of emotions.  At first, it can present a feeling of success and style.  But it also can give an almost whimsical feeling in that it doesn’t have to be stodgy and traditional.  It gives an impression of the person who lives there and makes people stand up and take notice.  It is a style, however, that is best suited to modern homes as these doors may seem out-of-place with classic or traditional architecture.

There are a couple of style notes that make a door a contemporary one.  One of these is a plain wooden door that is accentuated or trimmed with metal pieces.  This can give your home an inviting feeling as it blends the traditional with the modern.  Contemporary doors that feature glass window inserts in them can be even warmer and inviting as they allow more light to enter into the garage, giving it a less closed-off feeling.  It can also put the items stored in the garage on display which may be a plus for those who want to show off their home to those passing by.  Finally, there are all metal contemporary doors.  These usually tend to project a sense of security as they seem to be impregnable.  A steel or copper door can give this look and a copper door can also be aged to make it look more elegant.  The contemporary door may not be the cheapest option, but it is definitely worth the expense.  It presents a feeling of success while not coming across as gaudy or over-the-top.

The final decision as to what type of door to choose is up to you, the homeowner.  But it is a good idea to speak with a garage door company representative to have them look over the property and give an informed opinion as to their suggestions for the door that would best suit your home.  They can give many options as to types of contemporary doors and what would fit your home the best.

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