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Is Your Garage Ready for Warm Weather?

Summer is coming, along with its long warm days. This is the time for all of those summer activities we all enjoy so much. Many of these activities will involve your garage. So you probably want to start thinking about preparing your garage for the season. You may want to clean it up some. Organize things a little. Break out the gear you will need and get it ready.

Clean up and organize may be the first two things to do. Winter activities may have left your garage a mess. The mud drug in on car tires and shoes may need to be cleaned up. You try to keep up with that chore during the winter, but somewhere along the way it begins to be neglected, so this is a good time to take care of it. After you clean the floor, you may want to have it coated with some kind of sealant or paint.

The same is true of the litter from shop activities. You may have a wood shop that you spend a lot of time in during the winter. Saw dust and small scraps of wood accumulate. It is time to get that cleaned up.

Put away the winter gear. Sports equipment such as skis, ice skates, and hockey equipment can be cleaned up and stowed. Also, the tools and equipment you use to clear the driveway and sidewalks of snow need to be cleaned up and stowed. Snow shovels should be washed clean, have a light coating of oil applied, and hung up. If you own a snow blower, this is a good time to do periodic maintenance on it and store it.

Get the summer gear out and get it ready. Such things as bicycles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and hiking and camping equipment should be taken out, cleaned up, and made ready for use. The same goes for the tools and equipment you use to keep your yard in shape during the summer – lawn mowers, clippers, trimmers and such things.

With all of this storage going on, you may want to consider installing a storage system. Check the web for garage storage systems. Many of your garage door servicers handle such things.

If your garage is climate controlled, you need to reset the thermostat for cooling and the temperatures to what you prefer during the summer. Clean the air vents and change filters. Also, check weather stripping around the garage door so you are not cooling anymore of the outdoors than necessary. It could save you a significant amount of money on your electric bill.

If your garage is set up for indoor activities such as a game room, office, or sewing room, you may want to consider redoing the floor, or painting the walls, or installing some new equipment.

There are probably a number of other things you may want to do to your garage to get ready for summer. They cannot all be covered here, but I am sure you can come up with some interesting ideas. Let your imagination roam. What can I do to make my garage more useful this summer? Good luck, and have a great summer.

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