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Garage Organization Storage Options

For many Americans, the garage has progressed from just a place to park your car at night.  It can be a combination man-cave, family playroom, and storage center.  But many people have a hard time keeping the garage organized and it quickly turns from a storage area to a dumping ground.  Now, with spring here and summer on the way, it is the perfect time to get those garages organized so you can use them optimally.

  • Ceiling Storage—One of the most overlooked areas when trying to organize your garage is looking straight up.  Bikes, which take up a large amount of space and can easily be damaged if they fall over, can easily be stored from the ceiling of your garage with specially designed ceiling mounted systems (These systems can also attach the bikes to your wall if you don’t want them up so high).  Also, overhead storage brackets and shelves are perfect for storing plastic bins and totes.  These can keep everything from out of season clothes to holiday decorations to camping equipment stored in them.  Just make sure you use small totes and don’t overfill them as you don’t want to try picking up or lowering a giant storage box .
  • Wall Storage—Another great area to utilize is the space on your walls.   One inexpensive technique for wall storage is to use pegboards.  This is a hardboard sheet that can be placed on the wall easily and efficiently.  The hardboard is perforated with holes for installing brackets and hooks to hang equipment or shelving on.  If you are a craftsman or if you like working in the yard, this equipment can be easily hung on hooks to keep it all organized and in the open for easy reference.  Also, sports aficionados can use the hooks to hang up sports equipment and bags so they can easily be thrown into the car on the way to the gym or the ball field.
  • Cabinet Storage—Finally, another great way to organize your garage is with cabinets.  This option may be slightly more expensive, but it will definitely pay off in the long run with a sleek and aesthetically pleasing look to your garage.  These cabinets are also a must for storing any kind of chemical or cleaner that you want to keep locked away from children.  Cleaning supplies, lawn care supplies such as pesticides and fertilizer, and car gear such as oil can easily be stored in these and locked away until they are needed.

Now is the perfect time to get your garage in shape.  Unfortunately, many people have them so cluttered that its intended purpose, parking a car, is often forgotten or just downright impossible to realize.  But if you get the mess inside your garage tamed, then you can enjoy it and make it the center of your outdoor leisure.

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