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Garage Door Materials: Steel

When ordering a new garage door, many homeowners go through catalogs and online resources looking at the variety of styles and designs that are available on the market. Something that many do not consider are the materials that are available to make your garage door. Perhaps the most popular garage door material is steel, a material that outsells others by a large margin. This is because steel is relatively inexpensive and affordable. This does not, however, mean that steel is inferior to other materials. Here are some things that you need to know about steel doors.

Besides the low cost, which is the number one reason why many people choose steel doors, a steel garage door has several advantages including:
• Durability. Steel doors are generally more durable than other materials. A steel door will last longer than others before it has to be replaced or repaired. It will also hold up to the elements and does not respond poorly to weather extremes such as excessively high temperatures, heavy rains, or snow. Because of this durability, many companies offer a longer warranty period for a steel door.
• Maintenance. Steel doors are fairly easy to keep clean and looking good. You can wipe away dirt and grime from the door with a simple mixture of mild detergent and water. Car wax applied a few times a year will also keep the door looking shiny and new.
• Safety. Many homes have a garage that is unsecured, making it a soft point of entry for the home. However, steel gives the optimum level of protection against outside invaders and thieves who may target your home.
• Versatility. Steel doors can be customized easily to meet your home’s aesthetic style. They can be painted so that your garage matches the rest of your home or accents it accordingly. You can also choose a variety of steel types for your garage door. They can be anywhere from a 24 gauge door that can handle almost anything thrown at it without denting to a 28 gauge door that is cheaper but can be dented. Doors can also be between single and triple layer depending on if you want insulation to make your door more energy efficient by keeping out the high temperatures.

Steel is a great choice if you are looking to buy a new door for your garage. It is safer, more reliable, easier to maintain and more versatile than many of the other materials on the market. If you are looking for a great choice in a garage door, steel may be the way to go for you.

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