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Types of Garage Door Openers

There are several types of garage door openers one can have in their home, but you may not know that they are different just by looking at them. These different types of garage door openers are classified by the type of motor that they have operating them, which is what is actually used to raise and lower the garage door itself. There are four different types and this will help you understand a little bit about each one of them.

The most common types of garage door openers are chain-driven. A chain-drive garage door opener works by having a chain, similar to that of a bike chain, that is wrapped around a rail to raise and lower the garage door. These chain-drive openers are so common because they are the least expensive of all the types of garage door openers. However, they are also fairly noisy, which is a perceived downside and may be something to consider when replacing your opener. Though, these are the oldest types of openers and are known to be very reliable.

Belt-drive garage door openers are also fairly common, but not as much so as chain-driven openers. What makes them different is that they use a rubber belt re-enforced with metal instead of a chain. This eliminates the metal on metal contact and makes them much quieter than other types of garaged door openers. These openers do come at a cost though. Being that they are quieter and more sought after, they are generally much more expensive than other types of openers.

A far less common type of garage door opener these days, the screw-drive garage door opener is still something that you may come across from time to time. These work by having a threaded steel rod that moves the garage door up and down. The downside is these types of garage door openers are known to be quite loud, but also low-maintenance and dependable. You are only likely to encounter this kind of opener if you have had it in your home for quite some time.

Lastly, there are the less defined direct-drive garage door openers. This refers to any type of garage door opener that does not use a chain, belt or screw-drive opener. So any opener that you have that doesn’t fit one of the above descriptions will fall into this particular category.

Having this bit of knowledge can be useful when it comes to making repairs or knowing what kind of garage door opener you would like to get if you are going to upgrade.

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