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Five Things You Can Do to Secure Your Garage Door

According to the FBI’s most recent crime reports  burglary accounts for just under 25% of property crimes committed.  Contrary to popular belief, force does not need to have occurred to classify a crime as a burglary and many crooks are accessing homes via an open (or even closed) garage door because they are a well known weakness in a home’s security. Garages provide shelter and a place to hide, as well as being pretty inconspicuous places to enter through.

One of the ways to protect your home from a garage door break-in is to thoroughly inspect ALL entry points in the garage area and make sure there is no way a thief can get in.

Here are 5 things you can do right now to help secure your home.

1)      Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car. If a criminal manages to get into your car, he also now has the opportunity to get into your house.  If you are able to get a garage door opener on a key ring, that’s a much better solution so that you can take it with you when you leave your car somewhere.

2)      Lock the door between your garage and your house! It seems simple but often overlooked. It takes two minutes and provides one extra barrier between your belongings and the bad guys who want to relieve you of them.

3)      Close your garage door!  No matter where you live there will always be opportunists.  Don’t give them the chance to see what you have and grab it.  If your garage has windows, cover them or tint them dark enough so nobody can see in. You can also purchase monitors which include a sensor that you attach to your garage door with an alert system that you can place anywhere in your home which will flash or beep when your garage door is open. There are also automatic door closers you can buy which will close your garage door for you whether you are home or not. They are easy to install and can be set to a range of times to automatically close.  There are also new apps on the market now that allow you to close your garage door remotely using your phone or any mobile device. Technology has come a long way in this arena, so look for many more apps in the coming months!

4)      Lock any garage doors that are not equipped with automatic openers.  This includes times when you are leaving for five minutes or are inside your house. It might be an inconvenience, but anyone who is casing your neighborhood for an easy mark is looking for a mistake exactly like that. Don’t risk getting robbed by missing a two minute prevention.

5)      Prevent “fishing” by ensuring your garage has an emergency release that is not easily accessible from the outside.  Some conniving crooks have found a security loophole where they can press down on the top of the door and insert a wire coat hanger to pull down on the release. Make this as difficult as possible by ensuring the release is far from the door opening and covering any windows that provide an easy view to the release lever.

Once you have implemented some of these very easy to do items, take another look at things like your side entry door, loose windows and the garage closing mechanisms to ensure you have the very best security on your garage possible.  Nobody wants to be the victim of a very preventable crime.  And we are sure you don’t want to be one either.

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