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Choosing a Garage Door Opener – Available Features

After a person’s car keys and cell phone, one of the handy devices that most people don’t leave home without is the garage door opener.  Often keeping them in the car, drivers depend on them to be able to get into their garages without having to get out of the car.  But the standard garage door opener with just an “open-and-close” button is becoming a thing of the past.  Here are some of the newest features that are becoming more and more common in today’s society that provide safety and convenience for drivers.

  • Lights.  When you open up your garage, particularly at night, you are entering a dark alcove that may potentially house a hiding intruder if your home has been broken into.  That is why one new safety feature that is becoming increasingly more common is so important to driver safety.  This garage door opener will turn on the lights in the garage as soon as the door begins to open.  Other models feature motion sensors that will trigger the lights when it detects movement from the door or the entering car.  This allows you to be more visibly aware of your surroundings as you enter the garage and also as you exit the vehicle once inside.
  • Multiple Garage Openers.  Many newer homes might feature two or three car garages with multiple doors.  It is not convenient to have to use different openers for each garage door.  That is why some of the more recent models feature the ability to open multiple doors with one remote.
  • Door Locks.  Some of the other features of garage door openers that provide added convenience and security allow security systems to be wired through the door of the house itself.  This allows someone to unlock the deadbolt of the house door using the garage door opener, a particularly handy option if you are rushing into the house during a rainstorm or similar situation.
  • Vacation Setting.  An added safety feature is the vacation setting.  It allows the owner of the home to completely disable the garage door from opening while the home is unoccupied during vacation.  Often, the garage is considered a prime means of entry for thieves, particularly if the homeowner routinely leaves the door from the garage to the home unlocked.  But with this setting, a homeowner can completely disable the opening of the garage door until they return home, making the house even more secure.
  • Keypads.  These garage door openers are varied.  Wireless keypads can be used to require a PIN (personal identification number) to be entered to open the garage door.  This makes it even safer as a thief will not be able to enter the home using a stolen garage door opener unless they also have access to the PIN.  Other keypads can be mounted to the outside of the door in case the battery in the door opener fails.  Finally, some exterior keypads can also include fingerprint identification, adding another level of security and helping to give “latch-key” children access to the garage should they forget the PIN.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector.  It is fairly common knowledge that you don’t crank a car with the garage door closed to prevent the build-up of carbon monoxide that is poisonous.  But some recent garage door openers feature a safety option that automatically opens the garage door if carbon monoxide levels reach a dangerous level.

All of these features are intended to make garage door options on your home safer and more convenient.  Regardless of which type you choose, it is important to consult with a garage door company to find the options available to you and what would work best for your lifestyle.


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