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The 5 Most Popular Garage Conversions

While the majority of homes feature at least a single-car garage, only 15 percent of homeowners actually use their garage for storing vehicles. If you have more interests than space to enjoy them in, you might consider a garage conversion to get the space you need to embrace life on your terms. With careful planning and a little ingenuity, you can create a multi-purpose room to accommodate a number of different activity zones.

What could you do with your garage? Just about anything your heart desires and your budget allows. To get your creative juices flowing, here is a look at the five most popular garage conversion projects.

A Man Cave

      This is a difficult conversion to pin down simply because a man cave will mean different things to different men. The general idea is to have a space where the man can unwind at the end of the day or workweek, doing whatever strikes his fancy.

At the very least, consider a space with a basic television setup and enough comfortable chairs to enjoy weekend sports with the guys. Maybe a folding table and chairs for a few rounds of after-the-big-game poker. Add a few area rugs for comfortable stocking-footed lounging and a refrigerator for keeping those favorite beverages ice-cold and close at hand.

Your Family Recreation Room

      Depending on space and budget, a recreation room could mean anything from a corner foosball setup to a full-fledged entertainment room with a pool table, air hockey table, perhaps a dedicated computer or television for the avid video gamer.

Make things easy on yourself with a convenient refrigerator and a basic service area for snacks; you can’t enjoy your new rec room if you spend half of your leisure time running back and forth to the kitchen.

A Party Room

      Any party room is most likely going to be centered around a great sound system for enjoying your favorite music. Be sure to allow for a media storage area to keep your CDs safe and clean. A home bar for mixing cocktails is a nice touch, as are a few genuine bar stools to complete the mood. Plan for ample seating for guests as well as family.

Storage Room

      Make the most of your dedicated storage space with shelving and other storage media. Use wall and even overhead storage fixtures to maximize your available space and keep any clutter buildup off the floor. Group items by category and label your storage bins so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

A Home Workshop

      Start with a sturdy workbench for home repair and craft projects. Consider a pegboard and hooks for keeping smaller hand tools organized and easily accessible; larger power tools can be stored underneath the workbench on a shelf or in storage bins. Don’t forget to allow space for storing materials such as lumber and paint. If you have the budget for it, install a sink to make cleanups easy and to avoid tracking grease and grime into the house.

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