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10 Creative Garage Makeovers

With real estate markets becoming unpredictable, many homeowners find themselves looking to make the best of their current homes.  What if you could build an elaborate addition without expanding your home?  Tapping the potential of your home’s garage space might be a great alternative to buying a bigger home.  The only limit is your imagination!!

Home Gym in your Garage: No More Excuses!

Save yourself the time and hassle of driving to the gym to get your work out!

gym garage conversion


Swanky Lounge

Express your own style in a personal hang-out!

lounge garage conversion


Living Room instead of extra Garage?

Maybe your family needs an extra living room?

living room garage conversion


Private Home Office

This could be the best of both worlds- convenient but separate from the rest of your home.

Use Your Garage as a Home Office


Get More Living Space from your Garage!

garage converted to modern living space


Try this Indoor/Outdoor Garage Conversion

Who’s says it has to be all one or the other?  Why not merge the two?

indoor outdoor patio garage conversion


Creative Studio

If your idea of an escape involves creative expression, how great would it be to have dedicated space for your passion?

studio garage conversion


 The Ultimate Man Cave

ultimate man cave garage conversionsource:–Mancave/detail.esi?oid=13716865

Bonus Home Theater in your Garage

garage home theater


Yoga/Pilates Studio

garage converted to yoga studio


Which one of these ideas do you like best?  Have some ideas on how to improve these ideas?  Have your own fabulous garage conversion?  Share your thoughts with us!

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